Ok, you have just finished your project and the glitter is looking awesome in daylight conditions, the holographic crystals (that we now add to most of our glitter mixes) are sparkling away. So what can be done to enhance the glitter effect, when we have to turn the lights on?  Normal incandescent and most halogen bulbs emit a warmer yellowish light; although you will still have a nice sparkle under these lights, the effect can be dramatically enhanced by changing bulbs to a cooler white spectrum. With the advancement of LED technology, we now have a wide range of options to get closer to a daylight spectrum. Take a look at SMD LED'S, these are really very good and can be found easily online. Consider LED SMD B22 corn/cob bulbs,  GU10 SMD, M16 SMD. Your walls will come alive when these bulbs are shining on the crystal glitter.

Below is a simple spectrum chart, for best results choose a bulb from 4000k upwards. We find that 6000 - 6500k is the sweet spot for maximum sparkle.