Hints & Tips

Crystal Glitter for emulsion paints, is designed to add a subtle glitter shimmer to walls.

(For a more pronounced glitter effect,  consider our 'Crystal Glitter Glaze' range of coatings, the more coats you apply the more dramatic and deeper the sparkle!)

Try to use a standard vinly matt emulsion, softsheen or silk. Avoid acrylic eggshell, 'one coat' and kitchen & bathroom paints. We have tested various paint brands, as long as you choose a standard vinyl emulsion, you will be good. Please check out our gallery for colour combination ideas. If available, choose a good quality medium pile roller eg. Hamilton Perfection  or Purdy. Important tip: Once finished you will have roughly 1% glitter coverage, this can be dramatically increased by simply lightly buffing paint surface (when paint has dried) with a green nylon scouring pad or sponge. This will uncover thousands of holographic crystals and will increase glitter coverage up to 5%! Example can be seen  here.

The overall sparkle effect can be enhanced by changing light bulbs, to cool white or daylight LED bulbs 4000k -7200k , please check out our lighting section for more info.

Crystal Glitter Glaze, a transparent durable glitter coating for previously painted ceilings and walls.

Crystal Glitter Glaze can be easily applied by brush or roller, the viscosity (consistency) is slightly thinner than a standard emulsion paint. This is important for two reasons, one, it allows you to spread the glitter more evenly and secondly, it affords the proffesional/experienced user a 15 minute 'lay off' window, important when applying over blacks & darker colours. In an ideal situation you will be glazing over a matt emulsioned surface, the glaze works fine over silk or satin finishes, although be prepared for the glitter to slide around with the lightest of brush strokes. This is ok but requires a little practice, so if you are not sure, always do a little test run. In any event, after the first coat of glaze has dried the second coat will be a breeze! On average, one coat will provide a 7% glitter coverage. So after seven coats you will obtain a near 50% glitter coverage. Add any more coats and you will start to lose the original base colour.

Always ensure that the previous coat of glaze has fully dried (around 2 hours) before applying another coat. Otherwise you could lock in a damp layer and this could greatly increase the drying times of subsequent coats.

Even in normal lighting conditions, the results can be dramatic, deep and simply 'blingtastic'. After the first coat is applied, take a step back and check for any areas that may look a little sparse, adjust these areas (if required) with more glaze on the next coat. When using satin finish, be aware that the more coats applied, the higher the gloss finish. Always spread the glaze in all directions, use thinner coats to avoid sagging and speed up drying times.

Crystal Glaze can be applied over most paint types, although be sure to lightly sand down any glossy surfaces before application. The flatter the surface the better the results, so fill and prepare any surface holes and imperfections to avoid any 'pooling' of glitter. When applying over really dark colours and blacks, always test a small area first for glaze clarity. We find that matt finish performs better over the very darkest of shades. If glazing over a matt black base coat, a good quality softening or laying off brush will help you achieve a professional finish, simply soften or lay off while glaze is still tacky. When surfaces are porous or if glazing over cheaper contract matt emulsions, it is advisable to thin the first glaze coat with 10% clean water. All tools can be easily cleaned with warm water.

When 'glittering' a feature wall, alcoves or chimney breast etc. masking tape is nearly essential, we highly recommend FrogTape, it is a simply genius product!