Application of Crystal Glitter

Choose a standard vinyl emulsion, flat matt, matt, softsheen or silk. Avoid acrylic eggshell, extra durable, 'one coat' and kitchen & bathroom paints. We have tested various paint brands, as long as you choose standard vinyl emulsion, you will be good. Mix the Crystal Glitter into the paint for a good few minutes to avoid any 'glitter clumps'.  A larger seperate container is useful and affords you plenty of room to do this. Remember....'it's all in the mix'!

Using a good quality medium pile roller, spread paint in all directions, this will create a nice even spread of glitter and will avoid any 'tram lines'. For smaller areas, eg. a chimney breast or feature wall etc. a brush can be used, although make sure you do not apply the paint too thickly, two thinner coats are always better than one thick coat.

Once dry you will have an approximate 1% glitter coverage. This can be dramatically increased by simply lightly buffing surface with a green nylon scourer. This quick process will release thousands of holographic crystals just waiting to break out!  Example here.  Please check out our gallery  for colour combination ideas.

Important! We all know how glitter works, right?  Well it reflects light and the holographic crystals diffract the available white light, splitting it into a colour spectrum, hence why we see the rainbow of different colours. So to summarise: Lighting will make a huge difference to how your project will finally look.

The overall sparkle effect can be enhanced by changing light bulbs, to cool white or daylight LED bulbs 4200k -7200k , please visit our lighting section for more info.

Application of Crystal Glitter Glaze

Ideally, you have just painted your base colour or you have a clean previously painted surface to work on.  Crystal Glitter Glaze will adhere to most paint types, be sure to lightly sand any oil based glossy surfaces before use. Before opening, shake container gently for about 10 seconds then pour into paint kettle, roller tray or scuttle. Crystal Glitter Glaze can be easily applied by brush or roller. The viscosity (consistency) is slightly thinner than a standard emulsion paint. This is important for two reasons, one, it allows you to spread the glitter around more evenly and secondly affords the professional/experienced user a 'lay off' window, sometimes important when applying over blacks and the very darkest of shades.

Stir the glaze for a couple of minutes to ensure the crystal glitter is well mixed. Using a good quality 2-3" brush or medium pile roller, spread the glaze in all directions to ensure a nice even spread of glitter and to avoid any 'tram lines'.

Do not apply too thickly, there really is no need, thinner coats spread the glitter further, do not run or sag and will dry quicker! After the first coat is applied, take a step back and check for any areas that may look a little sparse, adjust these areas (if required) with more glaze on the next coat. When applying more than three coats in one day, allow 24hrs for the glaze to fully cure, before exposing to any water or attempting any surface clean up.